Patricia Vázquez

Patricia Vázquez an artist, educator and video producer. She has worked on a variety of commissioned video projects for clients like Adelante Mujeres, the Center for Intercultural Organizing, Centro Cultural of Washington County, Strategies 360 and Fulcrum Political. She also has produced independent videos that touch on social issues. Patricia has worked for StoryTank Media since its foundation. As a project manager, Patricia values detailed organization, clear and prompt communication, and satisfying and positive working relationships. 

Kai Tillman

Formally trained in film and audio engineering with a background in Cultural Anthropology. Kai has played many roles in film production and specializes in cinematography and directing photography. Kai has a genuine interest in connecting with people and learning the simple and complex fabric of the human experience. Kai has traveled the globe filming and field- recording stories and moments unfolding. What Kai enjoys most is the art of visual composition and the experience of being extremely creative.